DraftKings to reportedly refund losing Penn State wagers after controversial loss to Indiana

The finish to Saturday’s Penn State-Indiana game was so controversial that one sportsbook is refunding losing wagers placed on the Nittany Lions.

According to a report by Darren Rovell, sportsbook DraftKing will refund all losing money line straight bets placed on Penn State β€” which lost 36-35 in overtime to Indiana β€” within 24 hours in the form of site credit.

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The controversy from Saturday’s game arose on the final play. Indiana, which clawed its way back late in the game due to myriad mistakes by Penn State, had a chance to claim victory with a 2-point conversion in overtime. Quarterback Michael Penix Jr. scrambled left and dove for the end zone; officials called it a successful conversion on the field.

However, replay seemed to show the ball touched down out of bounds just before hitting the pylon β€” which should have reversed the call of a successful conversion and given Penn State the win. But officials declined to reverse the ruling, giving Indiana a program-building (if not controversial) win over the Nittany Lions.

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